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2002 Annual report
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  2002 Annual Report

2003  Annual Report


Lummi Island Fire Department

3809 Legoe Bay Road * P.O. Box 130 * Lummi Island, WA  98262

Phone: (360) 758-2411    Fax: (360)  758-2041



2003 was the driest on record for many decades.  Aside from a few minor incidents, there were no fires that got out of control.  This is a direct result of each resident in this community being careful in the extreme conditions and alerting us early when a problem existed. Way to go Lummi Island residents and THANK YOU! 

We purchased two portable radios and two pagers with the help of a 50% matching grant from The Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  These radios and pagers replaced obsolete and unreliable equipment.  We purchased two 6” intake valves for the tanker to simplify the pump operator’s duties.  Our medical response bags in both the ambulance and initial response truck were replaced and set up identically to standardize the equipment.

Our initial response apparatus (little red) has served this community well for sixteen years but the time has come to retire her from frontline service.  It has been struggling with the loaded weight, and too many cold starts and go-right-now has taken its toll.  Specifications to replace the initial response truck were developed this year.  Its purchase was delayed as we waited word about our Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grant application.  Unfortunately it was denied, but another grant through DNR was approved for $20,000 to assist in the purchase.  We must have a signed contract by June 1 of this year to receive the funds. The specifications are for a similar vehicle with the following improvements: a diesel engine, increased weight capacity, Compressed Air Foam and increased hose storage.

A long & short term planning session took place on May 7, 2003 with the Commissioners, Assistant Chief and myself.  Facilities were a major topic because: we have more vehicles than bays, public restrooms are inadequate, new response standards being proposed at the state level, ever increasing administrative requirements, and the need for improved training facilities.  We concluded that it was unlikely the department could provide for all future needs and requirements on its current one-acre.  At the regular May meeting of the board, the process for acquiring additional real estate began and continued through the year.  In November, a contract was signed to purchase Lot 3 of Hale’s Pass Addition, the 5 acres across the street from the current Legoe Bay Road fire station.

Three members were removed from the roster in 2003 and I sadly accepted Bryan Thurber’s resignation.  Bryan had 16 years of active duty as a First Responder and Firefighter 2. His calm manner will be missed at emergency incidents.  Two new residents joined our ranks; Kent Dixon and Mark Cross.  Fire Commissioner David Harmoney did not seek reelection, ending his 12 years of service as a Fire Commissioner.  In those years this department has advanced significantly in both its financial position and the equipment used to respond to emergencies.  These advancements are in no small part due to David’s outlook for the safety of the citizens and volunteers in this community.  I would like to welcome Pete Cameron as the “freshman” commissioner and look forward to working with a member with no previous fire department involvement.

(This is only a Partial Report, click below to download the complete report)

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Old Report Report 2002 Click here 

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